1. Come Clean
    from the album The Make Up - available everywhere October 1, 2013
    written and performed by Dan Paul
    Directed by Teresa Nasty
    Music Produced by Jeff Cook
    Special thanks to Joseph Smeraldi

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  2. krystalgiex said: Thass so awesome! thank you so much for taking the time to answer; What about your bee one? That one is awesome too; as soon as I get my first tattoo I want to get a landscape of joshua tree of a picture i took on a family vacation

    Hi Krysta,


    The tattoo on my chest is a cicada, a symbol of home to me. The sounds they make in the lazy summers of Texas are the most soothing music I have ever heard. I don’t specifically identify Texas as home, but it’s where my parents are, but in a sense with the reminder of this particular tattoo, I carry the idea of home with me wherever I go. Cicada’s lives are very interesting and symbolic. They live underground most of their lives, and come up to mate after they’ve molted their skin and made a transformation into a winged creature. I love the idea of metamorphosis and rebirth. Some broods of cicadas live 13 or 17 year life cycles, both of which are prime numbers.

    Bees are also highly symbolic, but that’s an entirely other story!

    What is the significance of the Joshua tree to you? I’d love to see your tattoo when you get it :)


  3. krystalgiex said: Hey Teresa, I'm a huge fan; I was wondering what your sacred geometry tattoos (? I assume that's what they are!) mean; The 4 going down your side, and what they represent in the assumed sacred geometry aspect!; Also if you want to talk about what the rest of your tattoos represent to you that would be awesome, but the 4 on your side are what I want to know more about; thank you very much! Krysta

    Hello Krysta,

    You are very correct in your assumption! I am interested in all kinds of symbols with multiple or deep meanings, especially ones with occult or esoteric knowledge behind them.

    The very first symbol is a Sri Yantra. It’s a form of mandala that induces deeper meditation, and can be held in the mind’s eye or simply stared/gazed at. I find its geometry simple and harmonious as well as slightly representative of the Tree of Life mandala. Also, and this is the most exciting magickal aspect, when the sound Ohm is vibrated, especially with such experiments as sand spread onto a surface which reacts to sound waves, the Sri Yantra is the pattern that forms.

    The second symbol is a fancy pentagram, right-side-up, symbolizing the number 5. 5 is the number of man, who embodies the 4 elements and spirit. Five fingers on each hand, five toes, and five normative senses. Even the symbol of the five-pointed star looks like a human standing with arms and legs outstretched. The pentagram also represents the sacred feminine and goddess as well as beauty and perfection, as the ratio of line segments all equal PHI (1.618). And in pagan rituals, the pentagram is a symbol for protection.

    The third symbol is basically a hexagram, also known as the Star of David. It is comprised of two triangles facing opposite directions, a union of opposites. Representing the idiom As Above, So Below, it is also a symbol of the union of masculine and feminine, water and fire, and so on. There are also many other occult philosophies associated with this particular symbol, such as the Freemasons and Thelemites, Judaism, Zionists, etc. The hexagram also represents anahata, or the heart chakra, which is an area in my spiritual development that I find I need to be reminded to pay more attention to. It has so many varied meanings that it’s hard to not be drawn to it.  This and the pentagram were designed by an artist named Danny Brown (yasly.com)

    The very last symbol is two septagrams, one acute and one obtuse, transposed over each other. Representative of the number 7, which resonates with divinity and divine knowledge. There are also 7 days in a week, 7 colors of the rainbow, the first seven planets which correspond to the seven chakras, and the seven sins and seven virtues, which are linked with what we desire. This number also indicates a finished cycle, end of time period, fulfillment, celebration, and a victorious conclusion.

    I also have a giant Chinese dragon on my back, which represents the mythical beast of my Chinese zodiac sign, and a bow and with three arrows on my right inner thigh, homage to my western zodiac sign of Sagittarius. And on the inside of my fingers, I have my astrological chart’s first few signs: Sag, Leo, Capricorn, Venus (on my left hand) and Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and fire (on my right).

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  6. Dan Paul's new single “All My Life” from his upcoming album, The Make Up

    Director: Teresa Nasty

    Crew/Effects: Randy Frey, Anne Koester, Bretney Moore

  7. Shackles printed with 3D printer

  8. Jessica Dibattista - choreographer/performer of BackSpace

  9. claytoncubitt:

    Hysterical Literature: Session Five: Teresa

    Teresa visits the studio and reads from “Sexing the Cherry” by Jeanette Winterson.

    Update: Hello Daily Dot

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  10. Different flowers look good to different people. -Chinese Proverb